Tuma-Sukai, aka Sky (secret name: Azzageddi).
Titles: Inspector of the Guardia Dei, Breaker of Chains, Shadow of Freedom.
A former devil, now somehow reformed into a god of rebellion and freedom, Sky fled to Earth nearly two centuries ago, first living as a god in the South Seas, then living as a human and participating in wars in many lands. Bitter and disappointed at the usual results of rebellion, he returned to the City about forty years ago. Only a few know his true nature, and in most ways he functions just like the god he claims to be. He has long been the Commander’s troubleshooter, so he has little experience operating as a regular cop – he specializes in undercover work, even assassinations in extreme circumstances. While he has often advised leaders of revolutions on Earth, being the leader of a police station is completely new to him, so he’s very nervous and insecure about it.

Sergeant Alma
Titles: Sergeant of the Guardia Dei, Bringer of Life, Keeper of Souls.

Bright and creative, she soon becomes an efficient and proactive officer, albeit nearly impossible to work with due to a deeply rooted inability to take orders and a cold, distanced approach to any and all interpersonal relations. A daughter of the clan of Death, her mother one of the women in Death’s harem, her father Death himself, she was bred to believe that her family’s social (and political) situation, which has them cast into the 2nd circle, is an injustice and a brutal offense on their fine lineage and importance in the great scheme of all things. Alma, however, is a failed Death goddess, often bullied by her family for the creation of the Bunnies. Driven into panic over a crime she did not mean to commit she decides to freeze the bunnies in a stasis bubble, where they slowly develop, absorbing the thoughts and dreams of City dwellers everywhere and gathering their own individual identities. Alma loves them deeply, though, and would stop at nothing to protect them.

Sergeant Gwydion, aka Dion.
Titles: Sergeant of the Guardia Dei, Master of Enchantment, Wielder of Magic.

A notorious womanizer, Dion is a spoiled brat due to his upbringing in the First Circle, his nobility and title obtained through adoption by his Uncle Math who then sends Dion to the Guardia in an attempt to provide the vain, young man some structure and maturity. Child of ancient gods, his mana is secured without need for many (if any) followers. Thus, he spends his time carousing and practicing his magics, much of it directed towards wooing his next partner. His downfall occurs when his “black folder of conquests” is discovered describing the list of daughters of high level officials that he had seduced, which may have included use of enchantments (though this remains to be proven). His assignment to Three Rats is arranged by his uncle to remove him from the wrath of powerful, furious fathers and prior suitors who believed him to be true to them only, while his rank was coerced to a level more befitting his important family ties.


All bunnies have been created by Alma and will therefore approach her as some sort of divine mother. They’re not all the same age and will often demonstrate different levels of maturity. Having developed in a stasis bubble, isolated from the world throughout most of their lives, they look at everything and everyone (even themselves) as an object of marvel and admiration. Each of the bunnies is unique, though, each of their permeable minds having been penetrated and shaped by the different thoughts and dreams of the people inhabiting the City, accounting for different accents and pools of knowledge they shouldn’t otherwise have had access to. They all possess different interests and skills, which will eventually be revealed as the story progresses. They are bunnies, though, and thus do not refrain from indulging their primal, more animalistic urges. This has prompted the Commander to order Alma to make sure the bunnies are sterile as a “requisite” of their release. While there is just as much variability in sexual orientation among Bunnies as there is among humans, they are pansexual by default, meaning they are not limited in whom they are attracted to by considerations of gender or species. Also, they are remarkably free of possessiveness and jealousy in relationships.In stature, they fall on the small side of human norms, and all are gracile in build and tending toward slenderness. They have rabbity ears and tails, and soft, short rabbit-like fur on their forearms (top up to elbows, underneath only about halfway up) and on the backs of their hands, and on the tops of their feet, up their shins to their knees, and around their ankles and partway up their calves. They also have a collar of fur around their necks that almost meets in front on their throats. Head hair is like humans, and most of the rest of their features are human, including their faces, though their eyes are large and beautiful. Feet are longer and narrower than human, more highly arched, with slightly longer toes. This gives them more explosive speed and ability to spring farther and higher. They walk and stand plantigrade, while going digitigrade when moving at speed. Bunnies are herbivores (not vegetarians – they would actually become ill from eating much meat).

Rosemary (aka Merri)

The oldest of the Bunnies, along with Cherry. Red-haired, green-eyed, freckled, pale. She’s not exactly intellectual, and she can be quite silly, but she’s not stupid, and is actually a shrewd businessperson (which goes along with her mild Scottish accent) despite her very sweet nature. She and Cherry are deeply in love with each other and don’t really care who knows it. They are both hedonists as well, Rosemary slightly more than Cherry, and they have an open relationship, and don’t really understand why humans find that strange.


African-featured, with a big head of curls and a brilliant smile. She’s the brains of the Cherry/Merri pair, reading philosophy and metaphysics, and she has a dream of studying magic one day. She’s very protective of Rosemary and of all the bunnies, and will challenge anyone who she feels is treating them badly. She has an African-American accent, though it really only comes out strongly when she’s joking around or upset.

Mayumi (May)

The second oldest and possibly the most grounded of bunnies. She is also the tallest and, though having a slighter build than Rosemary or Cherry, she is more strongly muscled. She looks East Asian, straight hair parted in the middle to frame her face, with brown eyes and pale skin. In her dream-state, she became a police officer, and as such she is strongly devoted to fulfilling that dream now that she is awake. She is drawn toward cops and will follow them out on patrol.


The fourth oldest Bunny and the youngest of the originally named Bunnies. Subsaharan, more Nubian in facial features, he has short, dark hair, black eyes and a dark-chocolate brown hue to both skin and fur. Always a rather quiet, easily overlooked bunny, making him ideal for background chores such as paper pushing, Sage is also perhaps the most caring of the Bunnies, putting others before himself, particularly Alma. He sometimes becomes exasperated by Rosemary and Cherry’s tendency to think more of themselves or each other, or May’s tendency to pursue her dream of becoming a cop, and he may rarely explode at them for their self-centeredness. But because they know how sincere and sweet-natured he is, they listen to him when he does. He is, in a way, the conscience of the Bunnies.


The oldest of the originally unnamed Bunnies, he enters the story as little more than an animal, much like his younger siblings, incapable of speech or of taking care of himself. As he finds his name, he also acquires his late teens personality, very much a “this is all so stupid and boring” kind of attitude. He has light-brown hair, finely chiseled cheekbones, a slender, muscular frame and a tendency to walk around without his shirt on.


Blond, with long bangs that fall over his eyes, sullen and trouble-prone, Chime is the most musically-inclined Bunny of the seven. If he is not at the bar, then everyone knows that their best bet in finding him will be Kyri’s Copper Pot. He has a tendency to speak in rhyme, to whichever tune strikes his fancy.


Cute, rather intense, accident-prone and clumsy, Tulip is the youngest of the Bunnies. She is still trying to figure herself out (as are all the Bunnies) and tends to come out as shy and innocent. She looks exactly like a younger, shorter version of Alma in her teens (if the goddess were ever to sprout Bunny ears or a cotton tail).


She is a short woman who initially appears to have grey eyes, mousey brown hair, and a figure that isn’t fat, but isn’t thin either. She seems like everyone’s “girl-next-door.” She looks like she could be anything from 16 to 36 until she speaks, when it seems like she could even be a grandmother. She does not have features distinctive of any race, her speech is very English, though she is no “English-rose,” her features would fit in almost any middle European country, but her habit of feeding everyone on a stodgy diet of potato, cabbage, sausage, vodka, and babka (a cake), make her seem very Eastern European.

Though she is a goddess, she chose to leave the upper rings after other gods objected to her talent for changing her local reality to something akin to a musical. She moved to Three Rats where she opened a coffee shop, often patronized by members of the Guardia, who are unperturbed by her eccentricities.


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