Happy birthday to us! Today marks the 4th year since we launched Of Gods and Bunnies.

How did OGB start? Well, there were a few of us, and we had these characters in the Ankh-Morpork City Watch Guild of the game Godville, and we started making up stories with the characters. But you know, the space just felt a bit too small. (Also, while Godville is going strong, it’s a pretty small game and it could still just disappear without warning.)

And then a couple of us said, what if we wrote about a bunch of gods living in an eternal city, a place where there’s bureaucracy and where there even has to be cops, and we have a few main characters, and…

And we started writing and couldn’t stop.

Well, some of us couldn’t stop. Some have come and gone, and hopefully some will come back again. Our characters have been through a heck of a ride. They didn’t get along too well at first, but now they’re a team. That doesn’t mean they don’t have trouble ahead, though.

We still love writing it, and we hope you love reading it. Please leave comments here or on our Facebook page. And thank you for joining us.


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